Collection: Original Paintings

Original Art Work Drop November 23rd at 12 CET

Collecting Art for Interior Spaces

I believe your home or interior space should reflect your personality and taste. By choosing an art work whether it is a print, limited edition or an original painting it automatically elevates the space and can enhance colours you already have in your space. It can also be the stand out talking piece of your room or something that draws your eye in. An art print by an artist can add a level of intent and thoughtfulness to your home.

My work is centred around the figure and explores themes of the environment I am surrounded in. I think carefully about each art work I make, there is much more than what the eye sees. My artwork portray stories I want to tell and are left for the viewer evolve. Colour is an integral part to my work, I use it in a satirical sense and also use it to evoke emotion.

Original Artwork

Original paintings, drawings and ceramics are investments. They are one of a kind pieces that you will have for life. I usually make a body of work with a similar concept and this is the red thread that joins my work together. I only do about four main releases a year with original pieces as it takes alot of time to produce and consider each piece. My work has been bought by private collectors as well as commercial, retail and restaurants.